Slimefun is a large plugin that adds a lot of features of modded minecraft to vanilla minecraft.

DifferentCraft has many features of Slimefun disabled. To see all the items that are available to craft in Slimefun on the server type: "/sf guide" in your minecraft chat. Upon pressing enter you should have a book in your inventory.

If you are not familiar with the Slimefun Plugin it is highly recommended that you watch this video:

P.S: Features on DifferentCraft are constantly changing. You may see different things in your own sf guide book but this video is to show you how to use the sf guide book.

Exotic Garden Tutorial (Slimefun)11:57

Exotic Garden Tutorial (Slimefun)

List of Multi-Block Structures as of: Dec. 14th, 2015

*Tip* Multi-Block structures are machines you build in the world, not in a crafting table.

-Enhanced Crafting Table

Enhanced Crafting Table

-Grind Stone

Grind Stone

-Armor Forge

-Ore Crusher

Ore Crusher





-Magic Workbench

Magic Workbench

-Ore Washer

Ore Washer



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